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Selling a property is an intricate process that will directly impact you, your family and/or your finances. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you begin this process. Do I have the most up-to-date information? What are the properties selling for in my area that are the same size and condition. When should I sell? Should I do renovations prior to listing my property for sale? How do I go about getting the best price? We can help you with all potential obstacles.

First impressions are very important. You must consider some of the variables when setting the selling price of your property; such as, market conditions, the condition of your property and required repairs or improvements needed. You should determine what enhancements need to be done that will bring value to your property such as; painting, repair or replace carpet and repair and/or renovations. You should also reduce the clutter in and around your property. Finally, price is very important. If your property is priced too high, there are several things that could occur. You could limit your buyer pool; and/or extended time on the market, which will force you to reduce your listing price.

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